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Humanitarian Mobility International

Our Mission

"To provide poverty stricken persons from areas affected by political conflict and natural disasters with high quality, light weight, fitted wheelchairs aimed at improving the quality of life by reducing economic inequalities with the hopes a successful reintegration into society."

Humanitarian Mobility International Mission

Description of Enterprise

"Humanitarian Mobility International (HMI) is a non-profit Canadian registered Charity situated in the Canadian Capital of Ottawa, Ontario."

The organization is mandated with a double manifest, 1) Collect used medical mobility equipment and distribute the refurbished equipment to countries that are affected by conflict, natural disasters and severe economic distress to persons that are unable to acquire the critically needed mobility equipment. 2) To lessen the environmental carbon footprint impact caused by discarding this specialized medical mobility equipment to scrap that is shredded and melted to molten in order for reprocessing and used for other commodities in Ontario.

HMI was incorporated in 2007 and granted Charity status from the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) on August of 2008; the organization has since gained global recognition that aims to help persons with mobility impairments in numerous countries.

HMI collects and refurbishes all types of wheelchairs to facilitate specialized needs of the recipient person that has mobility impairment in order to facilitate different physical needs. In turn we furnish Type 1 to Type 5 manual wheelchairs. HMI also has Power wheelchairs and Scooters for mobility impaired persons that are unable to power themselves with a manual wheelchair. These wheelchairs are categorized by the Ontario WSIB wheelchair item list that is provided in accordance to Ontario Health Care.

Humanitarian Mobility International Description